Master VE Plus

Master VE Plus

Master VE Plus

  • Made in South Korea

  • Original Korean Version with 12 Modes

  • In build Voltage Stabilizer

  • Advance Projector Movement

  • Advance Spine Scanning

  • Automatic Back Lift

  • Acupressure Stops Programmable

  • Collapsible Design

  • 10 years of warranty *

Special Price: 165000

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The Spine Flex Korean Thermal Jade Massage Bed uses Far Infrared Light which is generated by the Jade Rollers. Jade acts as a powerful transformer, using the visible light from projector bulbs to generate Far Infrared Healing Light. The Spine Flex Korean Thermal Jade Massage Bed™ Far Infrared Healing Light delivers deep-tissue body penetration of the heat several inches into your body muscles, tendons, and organs, improving blood and lymph circulation in those areas and improving overall functioning.The Spine Flex Korean Thermal Jade Massage Bed™ is the world’s first Korean Thermal Jade Massage Bed whose micro-circuit brains are designed by an team of engineers working with 27 doctors team, and scientists and market specialists! This revolutionary design provides the best massage for the widest audience, with more individually programmable features than any other jade massage bed on the market!

Body Size Programmable™

Small, medium and large persons will have ideal massages with the Spine Flex  Korean Thermal Jade Massage Bed™ Our team of engineers and doctors have identified that current massage beds built by other companies are suffering from a one size fits all compromise. This design compromise results in discomfort for persons taller or shorter than the fixed length of the roller action. Therefore the design team of engineers and doctors has designed a programmable body size setting feature for the bed, so that all sizes of people will have the perfect massage!

Acupressure Stops Programmable™

The handheld Remote Controller for the Spine Flex Korean Thermal Jade Massage Bed™ has Programmable Acupressure Stops,which most often will be set at either 1 minute or 2 minute intervals.Our Team of doctors has recommended that we build programmable Acupressure Stops into the bed to handle a wider range of clients and conditions.Many of the clients our team has treated over the years need more and deeper heat treatments, and therefore these are programmable.

Body Shape Adjusting Massage

The Spine Flex Korean Thermal Jade Massage Bed™ has a unique set of jade rollers that adjust to your body curves, your shoulder curves and shape, your sacrum and lower back and even the shape and size of your buttocks. These jade rollers include an additional advanced programmable feature: the length of the roller action can be adjusted to your body size!


Reduce and Eliminate Pain: from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Injuries
Reduce and Eliminate Pain: from Muscle Soreness, Muscle Spasms
Reduce and Eliminate: Stress, Tension, and Anxiety
Improves Circulation of Blood, Spinal Fluid and Lymph
Improves Metabolism burning of excessive fatty deposits

Additional Features

The Spine Flex Jade Massage Bed™ works to relieve back problems and chronic posture related symptoms.

The Spine Flex Korean Thermal Jade Message Bed™ reduces muscle spasms and promotes correct vertebrae alignment.

The Spine Flex Jade Message Bed™ relaxes muscles through the application of Far Infrared heat. When the body relaxes it releases toxins that block the body’s natural immunity.
Maximum full-body circulation of blood, spinal fluid, and lymph are promoted by the rolling massages in both the upper body and the legs. As the muscles relax, natural spinal adjustments occur from the Spine Flex.

The Spine Flex Korean Thermal Jade Massage Bed™ has a unique Flex-Track to adjust to your body curves and contours. The Spine Flex Korean Thermal Jade Massage Bed™ has a re-engineered motor and track system, which resets the jade rollers to the top of the bed at the beginning and end of each massage. This allows comfortable entry and exit.